Fave 5: 12-15 Months

In a couple weeks the little man will already be 16 months old!  He is constantly on the go these days and loves to explore every corner of our house and backyard.  We are working on holding hands as he walks down the sidewalk (he is perfectly content to walk up and down our block multiple times) and he loves to run around on the grass at our neighborhood park.  He is still having fun with his friends at his music and Gymboree classes.  See below for our recent faves!


toddler shoes | water bottle | kid chair | set of cards | bath book

1. Once Landon started confidently walking, I began searching for shoes that would be supportive, comfortable, cute, and lightweight.  I love the look of all the mini styles of adult shoes (there is something so adorable about tiny versions of dad's shoes), but so often they are made of the same heavy materials as adult shoes and aren't too easy to wedge chubby toddler feet into.  The Tsukihoshi shoes above can be found locally in Houston at Imagination Toys and Shoes or online at Amazon or Zappos.  They are a great brand from Japan that specializes in kids shoes.  The materials are lightweight and flexible.  We love them!

2. Now that our little guy is so active, he is frequently more thirsty.  When he started sneaking sips from his dad's full-size Camelbak, we knew it was time for Landon to have his own.  This bottle comes with us everywhere.

3. Since we first decorated the nursery, I have been on the search for a cute and functional kids chair.  This was the perfect addition to the corner of his room where we have picture books displayed on wall ledges and board books in baskets below.  The seat cushion is removable and the cover is stain resistant and washable.  Plus, the foam core is free of flame retardant chemicals.

4. We keep books in almost every room of the house and in the backseat of the car since our bookwork can't get enough of them.  The only place where we were missing them was in the bathtub.  Landon received this waterproof, floating bath book for Valentine's Day!

5. This beautiful set of cards was a gift from Santa.  At first glance they look like individual packs of 10 playing cards but they are actually prayer cards for 10 different religions.  For some reason, cards are really intriguing at this age and Landon likes to study the images on each one, hand them to us, or trade for others.  This set will (hopefully) last a long time and through various childhood stages plus the cards are interesting for all of us.  Especially in this day and age, a little education about other religions is both eye-opening and educational.