Fave 5: Preggo Picks

Happy Fave 5 Friday!  Christmas is just over ONE week away!  I love this season and am soaking up all the of the holiday spirit.  It's cooling off in Houston and finally feeling like winter (even if we get the occasional weirdly warm day in the 70s...it could be worse!)  Landon has really been getting into it this year from showing off our Christmas tree to singing his favorite carol, Jingle Bells, several times a day!

I just can't believe that once Christmas and New Year's are over, I'll only have about three weeks until Baby Girl's arrival (that is if she doesn't decide to come early)!  This pregnancy has certainly flown by mostly because I have been so focused on chasing a toddler.  It has been a whirlwind and the adventure is just beginning.  See below for a few of my favorite things that have made the last few months a little easier.

Fave 5 Preggo Picks.jpg

Clockwise from top:

Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy Bra:  This staple is supportive enough for everyday wear but comfy enough for prenatal yoga or even sleeping.  It's actually a nursing bra that I purchased at the end of my last pregnancy but this time I started rocking it five or six months ago.

Wamsutta Body Pillow:  It's so hard to get a good night's sleep when you're pregnant.  I tried the Snoogle and I honestly have no idea what all the hype is about.  It's too thin and I started referring to it as "the cobra" after about a week of use.  It was fun to wrap Landon up in it for a "pillow hug" but I ultimately sold it and I'm so glad that I traded up for this body pillow.  I sleep SO MUCH better with it!  I'm normally a stomach sleeper too so I needed something like this to keep me on my side with support for my (rapidly spreading) hips.  It's also less than half the price of most pregnancy pillows.

Honest Co. Organic Belly Balm:  This is one of my favorite gifts for newly preggo moms.  I love it just as much this time around as I did two years ago.  It smells like a spa.  I sampled other products but they were mostly too heavily scented and/or made out of some scarily unnatural ingredients.  This one is completely organic!  The oils are extra moisturizing but best to apply under absorbent pajamas before bed (since a little can come off on your clothes).  

MAC Matchmaster Concealer:  Speaking of organic...this is not.  I tried more "natural" concealers but let's be honest...those just don't do the job.  Pregnancy is tiring.  Pregnancy with a toddler in tow is exhausting.  Hide the evidence with this extra smooth, moisturizing, medium coverage miracle worker.  I use it as an under eye concealer every. single. day.  Plus, it's recommended by my personal makeup guru (and author of Binkies and Baubles)!

Lululemon Align Pant:  Ever since my brief stint in yoga teaching, I have been a Lulu junkie.  The quality can't be beat and almost all of their items are stretchy enough to last through pregnancy.  While most yoga pants are wearable through the first 6-7 months, something a little more supple and forgiving is needed when nearing the finish line.  The Align Pant has a high waist that acts like the panel of your favorite maternity jeans.  The Nulu™ fabric is super soft and has four-way stretch.  You really will forget that you're wearing anything.  They are that comfy!