Fave 5: 12-15 Months

In a couple weeks the little man will already be 16 months old!  He is constantly on the go these days and loves to explore every corner of our house and backyard.  We are working on holding hands as he walks down the sidewalk (he is perfectly content to walk up and down our block multiple times) and he loves to run around on the grass at our neighborhood park.  He is still having fun with his friends at his music and Gymboree classes.  See below for our recent faves!


toddler shoes | water bottle | kid chair | set of cards | bath book

1. Once Landon started confidently walking, I began searching for shoes that would be supportive, comfortable, cute, and lightweight.  I love the look of all the mini styles of adult shoes (there is something so adorable about tiny versions of dad's shoes), but so often they are made of the same heavy materials as adult shoes and aren't too easy to wedge chubby toddler feet into.  The Tsukihoshi shoes above can be found locally in Houston at Imagination Toys and Shoes or online at Amazon or Zappos.  They are a great brand from Japan that specializes in kids shoes.  The materials are lightweight and flexible.  We love them!

2. Now that our little guy is so active, he is frequently more thirsty.  When he started sneaking sips from his dad's full-size Camelbak, we knew it was time for Landon to have his own.  This bottle comes with us everywhere.

3. Since we first decorated the nursery, I have been on the search for a cute and functional kids chair.  This was the perfect addition to the corner of his room where we have picture books displayed on wall ledges and board books in baskets below.  The seat cushion is removable and the cover is stain resistant and washable.  Plus, the foam core is free of flame retardant chemicals.

4. We keep books in almost every room of the house and in the backseat of the car since our bookwork can't get enough of them.  The only place where we were missing them was in the bathtub.  Landon received this waterproof, floating bath book for Valentine's Day!

5. This beautiful set of cards was a gift from Santa.  At first glance they look like individual packs of 10 playing cards but they are actually prayer cards for 10 different religions.  For some reason, cards are really intriguing at this age and Landon likes to study the images on each one, hand them to us, or trade for others.  This set will (hopefully) last a long time and through various childhood stages plus the cards are interesting for all of us.  Especially in this day and age, a little education about other religions is both eye-opening and educational.  


Fave 5: 10-12 Months

Happy New Year!  The last couple months of the year just slipped right by me.  Between Landon's first birthday, a little design project, and the holidays, the weeks have been racing along.  Since we stayed home for Christmas and New Year's, I have a little time to finally catch up on the blog.  See below for my favorites from the last couple months of babyhood.  We now have a walking, babbling toddler on our hands!

Clockwise from top:

1. SpaRoom Aromafier Ultrasonic Diffuser  Along with a very large toddler appetite comes the inevitable and equally large...super stinky diaper.  The challenge was to find a non-toxic air freshener for the nursery that is stronger than baking soda but not chock full of nasty chemicals.  Enter the aromafier, a compact battery operated (and travel friendly) diffuser.  You simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (I went for this minty option) onto the inner pad and a tiny fan helps to spread the scent around the room.  The only downside is that the "on" button emits a bright LED light.  This isn't an issue during the day but it is definitely distracting in an otherwise dark room at night. I have found that if I just run the diffuser for a couple hours during the daytime, it's enough to keep the stink away.

2. Tower of Babble Stacking Blocks This set was a birthday gift from the great-grandparents and it was an instant hit.  They say the simplest toys are the most entertaining and that couldn't be more true about these cute, durable boxes.  They nest for easy storage and are covered in colorful (and educational) graphics.  Landon loves to watch us stack these into towers so he can knock them down and watch the boxes fly.  

3. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon My brother sent this gem for the big first birthday.   When the box arrived, I couldn't wait to see the adorable wagon so I quickly assembled it during nap time.  It was so fun to watch the pure joy spread across Landon's face as he took his first steps while pushing it around the house.  It was the perfect photo prop at the first birthday party where we also took a few pictures for our holiday cards.

4. Boogie Wipes  Luckily we only faced a couple colds during the first year but they hit both of us hard (dad somehow avoided getting sick each time).  The infamous snotsucker was a real challenge, and I had much better luck with simple saline spray followed by (a lot) of Boogie Wipes.  I opted for the unscented version and they were great for keeping the snot in check without irritating baby's little button nose.  They are super soft and soothing with saline, aloe, vitamin E, and chamomile.

5. See Kai Run Toddler Shoes (similar here)  Shoes were a struggle when I first tried them around 7 or 8 months.  Until Landon was standing and cruising, he really didn't see the point of having those pesky accessories on his feet.  These days, he will patiently wait for me to put them on his feet so he can happily toddle around in style.  I have found that some shoes are absolutely adorable but a pain to get on so they just end up sitting in the drawer.  This brand is not only high quality and super cute but the shoes open wide making it much easier to get pudgy toddler feet strapped in.

Fave 5: 7-9 Months

Happy Friday!  It's been a crazy few weeks since we moved into the new house but I'm excited to finally get back to the blog!  Our little guy is not so little these days and he is very quickly approaching his first birthday.  I can hardly believe that my baby will soon be a toddler.  Since I'm feeling a little sentimental, it seems like a good time to pull together some of our favorites from the last few months of babyhood.

Clockwise from top:

1.  Grapple Toy  I was first introduced to this amazing little gadget when I met a fellow blogger friend and her baby girl for lunch.  Helen had arrived at the restaurant completely prepared with all the necessary essentials to keep her baby happy including the Grapple.  It has a suction cup base that can easily attach to a tabletop or highchair tray.  Flip up the adorable apple top and you have a nifty little cup for snacks.  The best feature is that it can hold three toys with it's adjustable tethers.  Absolutely genius.  After spending the majority of our lunch fishing toys off the ground that Landon had flung from his highchair, I didn't wait long to get a hold of our own Grapple.  It was so great to have for our summer trips!  For some reason, it didn't stick to the airplane tray table as planned but it did suction nicely to the personal seat back screen.  The apple leaf is also a handy hook so I've attached this thing to the stroller several times too.  A+ for design in my book.  This would be a fantastic gift for a new mom.  Be sure to check out Helen's blog, I Dream of Pretty Things!

2. Hanna Andersson Sleeper  Hanna is known for adorable jammies in super fun prints but the greatest thing about their sleepwear is the quality.  Landon wears these over and over again and he has consistently outgrown them before they show any signs of wear.  While other pj's have ended up with a hole in the toe or faulty zippers, the Hannas have really stood the test of time.  During those warm summer nights, the footless versions were perfect. Plus, I just love how the slim fit shows off those sweet baby thighs and belly!  Right now, his Halloween pair is in heavy rotation.  Since these cost a little more than the average pajamas, I try to wait for them to come on sale.  They were 25% off over Columbus Day weekend so keep an eye out for holiday promotions.

3. Mealtime This little touch and feel board book was a gift from Landon's fabulous Aunt Jen.  He loves to feel all the different textures including the very sticky jam on the PB&J page.  He always turns right to the bowl of pasta so we think he inherited his mom's love of carbs.  This book is small and very durable so it frequently comes with us in the car or diaper bag.

4. Hape Pound and Tap Bench  I love all the nice wooden toys that Hape offers but this is a great two-in-one.  It is part xylophone and part pounding bench, and good for developing dexterity (or baby will just hurl the little balls across the room...that's how the first few weeks went).  Landon has spent plenty of time testing the new hardwood floors in his room with this toy's mallet (it was all white carpet up there before the remodel).  It has been fun watching his skills improve with this one.  He started off violently banging his mallet on all surfaces of the toy but will now gently tap on the colored balls until they fall through the holes and make musical sounds on the xylophone keys below.

5. First 100 Words Landon is already a mini bookworm and this book might be his favorite.  There isn't a story to follow along with but he loves to look at all the images, smile back at the smiling babies, and make "grrr" sounds when he spots different animals.  He is perfectly happy flipping through this book several times on his own.