Fave 5: 5-7 Months

It's Fave 5 Friday and I'm overdue for a post!  Since we are quickly approaching the 9 month mark, I thought I would round up the products and toys that we found the most helpful during late spring and early summer.

Clockwise from top:

1. Green Toys My First Tugboat  Landon has been into bath time since he was a newborn but once he started sitting up in the tub, toys became a lot more interesting.  A lot of floating toys are made of toxic foam so I was happy to find some great reviews about this green line of products.  The boat doubles as a scoop and can be used for rinsing/making waterfalls.  I was really impressed with the detailing and quality.  It is sturdy, durable, and made from 100% recycled milk jugs!

2. FLOR Carpet Tiles  I have been a fan of FLOR tiles for a while and have used them in multiple interior design projects (see one here), including the child/adult proofing of our slippery wood stairs.  Since Landon has been on the move lately while perfecting his army crawl, I wanted him to have a play area that would be comfortable and also drool proof.  We were using an indoor/outdoor blanket for a few weeks but its easily wipeable surface was becoming a slip hazard.  Once I started searching for a play mat, I ran into nothing but foam options and a lot of reviews about chemical odors.  The greatest thing about these tiles is that they are modular and can be configured to create a rug of any size or shape.  I put 12 of them together to make a play rug that matches the nearby tiles on the stairs.  If one piece gets dirty, it can easily be rinsed in the sink.  The tiles also meet low VOC standards and are recyclable.

3. Little Tikes Discover Sounds Hammer This great toy was a gift from grandpa and became an instant favorite at the 6 month mark.  It makes funny cartoon-like noises when you hit surfaces with the end of the hammer.  Landon loves to use it on the tray of his highchair.  Maybe he is demanding more food?

4. Indestructibles: Baby Faces  A friend gave us one of these paperback books as a gift and I'm pretty upset that I didn't think to invent them myself.  The cute little books are waterproof, chewable, rip proof, machine washable, and basically genius.  They come in several different versions with fun illustrations and no words (so you can make your own story).  Throw a couple in the diaper bag!

5. Aden and Anais Wearable Blanket We transitioned from the Zipadeezip when Landon was 6 months old.  Like all A&A products, the muslin and bamboo wearable blankets are super soft and lightweight.  With his arms and hands free, Landon can suck his thumb and soothe himself.  He can also reach through the crib slats, grab at things, and attempt to unzip the blanket so it's a double edged sword.

What are some of your favorites for this age?