Wet Bar Reveal

I thought I would start off the week with a post about one corner of the house that got a major makeover.  See here for my earlier post about our super 80s wet bar.  With a little updating, I'm happy to say that it's looking more like something that belongs in the 21st century.  Without the dated mirror wall, glass shelves, black laminate countertop and ancient icemaker, its a fully functional wine bar.

I went for a clean and modern look with floating painted wood shelving, quartz countertops that match the ones we used for our master bathroom remodel, and matte white penny mosaic tile.  Since we tend to opt for wine more often than mixed drinks, we decided to replace the ice maker with a wine fridge.  I considered doing away with the sink but it is nice to have and the plumbing was conveniently in place.  I added a filter to the new cold water faucet so it now serves as a handy drinking water station.  My only regret is not adding some sort of drawer or other storage for wine related accessories (corkscrews, etc.) but since we needed an open cabinet under the sink, there wasn't much additional room anyway.  Luckily, the wine bar is located in the den a few short steps from the kitchen so any additional items can just be stored there.  Another big change was removal of the small swinging doors that used to enclose the old wet bar.  We found that they were really unnecessary and when open, they would just take up space in the den.  Now the bar feels like a part of the room and I can't wait to use it for future parties, dinners, showers, game days, and wine nights.  

See below for my sources!


Tile: Daltile Retro Rounds in Bold White Matte

Countertop: Michaelangelo

Wine Fridge: Whynter*

Faucet: Newport Brass Chesterfield in Antique Nickel

Cabinet Hardware: Rejuvenation Mission Pyramid Knob in Brushed Nickel

*note: I found out during construction that for a built-in installation like this one, it is essential to find a wine fridge that vents to the front as this one does.  Many fridges have vents in the rear and they can't cool properly or get sufficient ventilation when they back up to walls or cabinets.

Master Bath Reveal

I'm so excited to share some photos of the new master bath!  It is the room that got the biggest facelift during the remodel and it really looks completely different.  While we kept all the plumbing in place, we updated all of the finishes from top to bottom.  See here for my first look at the master bath and check out the bottom of this post for all of my sources.

I love a nice hot bath.  It's the perfect way to relax before bed with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  Once our remodel was finally complete and we made it through the big move, the first thing on my agenda was a date with my new tub.  Although I felt ridiculous climbing in and out of several showroom tubs, it was worth it to find one that was the right shape and size.  I'm really happy with the one I found online after doing some shopping around.  It's so funny to look at the "before" photo now.  That hot tub time machine really could have fit 4 people!


tile: daltile | paint: benjamin moore | tub: signature hardware | faucets: moen | mirrors, sconces, hardware: restoration hardware | countertop: michaelangelo quartz | runner, soap dispensers: target | magnifying mirror: simple human | vanity stool: restoration hardware

Decorating the new house has been a gradual process.  Luckily, I have an enthusiastic design assistant who is happy to help me sort through roller shade samples.  p.s. the indoor/outdoor rug shown below has been amazing so far!

Project Update: Wet Bar

We are very close to completing the remodel!  With only a couple weeks left, things are really starting to come together.  One element that is basically complete is the den wet bar.  When we bought the house, the original 80's style bar closet was in need of a serious refresh.  

The hubs capturing the wet bar during our first visit to the house

While I'm sure the (broken) ice maker got plenty of use at one time, we figured that a wine cooler in the same space would be a better fit and a nice update.  I first considered removing the sink completely, but with the plumbing already in place, I decided it will be great to have. With a filtering faucet, we can use the sink for drinking water and even add a coffeemaker on the counter and we have a wine and coffee bar!  The black counters, mirrored backsplash and glass shelves gave the whole bar a dated look and the wine storage rack felt heavy overhead.  While double doors gave us the option to close off the closet, they really weren't necessary and when open, they crowded the floor space in the den.  We removed the doors and created a cased opening, helping to make the bar a part of the room.  

See below for my wine/coffee bar inspiration and a few of the elements I chose.  We are using the same durable quartz counters in our master bathroom, and the penny round mosaic backsplash matches the subway tile we added above our kitchen counters.  Stay tuned for photos of the completed bar, coming soon!

photos: coffee bar & wine bar

materials: tilequartzfaucet

Project Update: Master Bath Redo

Our remodel is underway and I am so excited to see how everything turns out.  We have dubbed the project "Byebye 1986" since the priority is to update all of the super 80s details starting with the master bathroom.  Luckily, brass is back but there was just a little too much of the polished stuff in this room.  Plus, that red tile floor has got to go.

The layout of the bathroom works well.  I just need to change pretty much ALL of the finishes...

One of the first big challenges is remodeling the tub and shower.  When we bought the house, the whole bathroom was filled with cultured (faux) marble.  Our plan is to replace the tub and shower surrounds with porcelain or stone tile.  The huge built-in whirlpool tub probably could have fit four people.  To give the bathroom a fresh and updated look, I decided to add a much smaller freestanding tub.  Once we install a frameless enclosure around the shower in place of this brassy one, the whole bathroom will have a new feel.

Cultured marble and lots of polished brass

Let the demo begin!

Let the demo begin!

Since the freestanding tub will be the focal point of the bathroom, I decided to go try out a few in the showroom.  There are so many beautifully sculptural tubs to choose from and they can be found in acrylic, resin, cast iron, or stone.  I'm so glad I climbed into several of them because there is a huge range in comfort.  Some of the tubs that I liked the most when searching online were actually much too long for my frame when I tried them in person.  I decided to go with acrylic as opposed to the much heftier (and heavier) cast iron and stone options.

I fell in love with this resin and acrylic Toulouse tub when I saw it online since I'm definitely drawn toward the slipper style.  In person, it was way too long for me and therefore not too comfy.

The Amiata tub has a graceful curved shape but it is still too long.

Of course, the tub I loved the most was also the most expensive.  It is definitely modern but the oval shape and slight slipper style would work well in our traditional house.  

This beauty is simple, modern, comfortable and of course outside the budget.

After doing a little research, I found this great alternative.  It is very similar in size to my favorite but it is slightly smaller.  We only have about 5'-6" of clear floor space for the tub so this one is perfect!  

Next up...choosing tile!  Details to come...

Checking out our original 1986 floor plans while looking at tile options.