Weeknight Meals: Green Chef Intro

I like to make a few home cooked meals each week but I find that I often end up making the same 3-4 go-to dishes by default.  I wanted to mix things up while keeping it healthy so I decided to give Green Chef a try.  They deliver all the necessary ingredients for your meals once a week in a box lined with ice packs (so you don't have to be home when it arrives).  The great feature that sets Green Chef apart from other similar options is that all the ingredients are organic (or sustainably sourced, fish for example).  The directions are easy to follow and I've been happy with the results!  Since there is still some prep, chopping and sautéing involved, I definitely feel like I'm cooking and creating some yummy goodness from scratch.  Each meal takes 30-40 minutes to prepare but some prep can be done ahead of time if things tend to get too hectic right before dinnertime.  I love receiving only the portions of each ingredient that are needed for the recipes.  I really think this will help save on grocery costs!  So far, each dish has been delicious and we have had leftovers every time.

Give it a try and receive 4 free meals by following this link!

Rainbow Trout Veracruz, patatas bravas, tomato-caper-olive tapenade

Chicken and Biscuits, carrots & tomatoes, celery roof "fauxtato" salad

Italian Meatballs, orzo pasta, mushrooms & kale, tomato sauce