Fave 5: 0-3 Months

When I started researching baby products during my pregnancy, I was instantly overwhelmed by the endless number of options that could be found online and in stores.  I turned to a few blogs and review websites for guidance and I'm so glad that I did.  My goal is to create a series of posts about the products that have worked best for us at each stage so that other moms and moms-to-be can rely on some tried and true choices.  Here are the essentials that kept us sane during those first crazy weeks.


Clockwise from top:

1. Aden and Anais Muslin Burpy Bibs (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition I'm a big fan of the super soft A&A products and often use their oversized muslin or bamboo swaddle blankets as stroller blankets or nursing covers.  Unlike traditional bibs, they are the same width all the way around providing extra cover across baby's chest.  They are great to have on hand as burp cloths during those first few weeks when everyone wants to come over to meet baby.  I feel really good about purchasing products like these from the RED line since proceeds go directly toward fighting AIDS.  I was astonished to learn that 650 babies are born with HIV everyday.  Learn more at www.red.org.

2. Summer Infant SwaddleMe  We took the Newborn Care class and practiced the ninja swaddles but once game day arrived and we had a screaming baby on our hands, any previous knowledge of proper swaddling technique went right out the window.  We were so relieved that the nurses could swaddle baby up every time they left our hospital room but once we got home, we turned to these easy SwaddleMe blankets.  The velcro tabs make the process a breeze and baby sleeps so much better all bundled up.  Just be sure to attach all of the tabs before throwing these in the wash or every other piece of laundry will end up stuck to the velcro!

3. Mam Pacifiers  I was unsure about turning to pacifiers right away but once Landon was a few weeks old, we started using these on occasion and if he woke during the night.  They were a key part of sleep training at around 3 months.  The curved shape hugs baby's face and stays in place.  There are a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes available for newborns, infants, and 6+ months.

4. Fisher Price 4 In 1 Tub  After the first week or so of sponge bathing, tackling baby's first real bath can be a daunting task.  There is something extremely nerve wracking about trying to bathe a very tiny, slippery newborn.  It was not exactly helpful for me to hear that a baby can drown in less than an inch of water.  If it weren't for my clean freak tendencies, my little guy would have gone far too long without a proper bath given the fear of baby bathing that every class/book/online forum instilled in me.  We started off using the tub with the sling insert (very helpful) and eventually graduated to using the tub alone.  Once baby is sitting up, the green seat insert can be used.  The spray bottle and fish shaped sieve make bath time fun.

5. Fisher Price Rock N Play  I think every parent I know owns a Rock N Play.  I had no idea what a lifesaver it would be!  The plush lining keeps baby at a comfortable incline and the vibrate button puts them right to sleep.  It is perfect for newborn naps or a place to put baby while you whip up dinner.  Landon loved his so much that we all became a little too dependent on it.  Once we left the hospital, he spent every night in it until he was 3 months old.  While this is perfectly safe, I don't recommend it because the transition to the crib was extremely tough! 

What are some of your favorites for this age?