Fave 5: 3-5 Months

Happy Fave 5 Friday!  It's so hard to believe that Landon is now almost seven months old.  While I'm excited for him to reach new milestones, I just want him to slow down.  I knew he was going to grow quickly but it is incredible to watch it happen right in front of me each day.  Here is the gear that made life easier and kept our munchkin entertained as he transitioned from newborn to infant.

Clockwise from top:

1. Skip Hop Activity Gym.  We busted this out when L was around 2 months old.  He would lay on the play mat and stare at the hanging birds above but that was about it for a few weeks.  Once he started grabbing at the toys, he was hooked.  These days, he loves to put just about anything in his mouth including the detachable birds.  He is also rolling like crazy and the "crunchy" sounding leaves attached to the mat are a fun surprise for him.  This is definitely one of the best gifts we received.  We use it everyday and it keeps our little guy entertained for a good 20-30 minutes!  As any soft baby product should be, the mat is machine washable and has already successfully survived a couple of diaper mishaps.  The gym also gets extra points in my book since it is cute and colorful without being an eyesore.

2. Zipadeezip.   WORTH EVERY PENNY!  This swaddle transition gained fame on 'Shark Tank' and has been such a lifesaver during the sleep training process.  For some crazy reason, I decided it would be a good idea to go cold turkey on the SwaddleMe blanket immediately after our 4 month checkup.  No joke, I tried it that night.  Huge mistake!  This amazing product gives him the security of the swaddle because he is still comfortably contained but he can also move his arms and legs (key for babes that have started rolling over).  Imagine a flying squirrel.  This is what he looks like every night on the video monitor.  He sleeps like a champ in this thing.  We received one from my mom and a couple days later, I ordered a second one for backup.

3. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo.  We waited until Landon was 4 months old before introducing him to the jumperoo.  He loves to bounce in this thing and the numerous rattles, toys, and animals that are attached hold his attention for quite a while.  At first the whole thing was a little overwhelming for him and was basically sensory overload (a motion detector plays sounds and music when baby jumps).  After a few days, he adjusted and is now happy in the jumperoo seat for about 10 minutes at a time.  We keep it downstairs so that he can play while I keep an eye on him from the kitchen.

4. LectroFan White Noise Machine.  We learned during the sleep training process that straight white noise is much more effective for sound sleep than other ocean/forest/whale/cricket sound generators.  This little "fan noise" machine is compact and discreet.  It sits on the bookshelf by baby's crib and travels easily.  We have used it every night since we came home from the hospital.  If you didn't sleep with white noise before you had a baby, get ready!  Even if your little one sleeps in his or her own room, you will most likely be enjoying white noise through the baby monitor for many months to come.

5. Beco Baby Gemini Carrier.  One of my best friends and author of Binkies Baubles and Birkin recommended this carrier to me while I was pregnant and I'm so glad we registered for it.  It is easily adjusted to fit me or my husband and the criss-cross configuration of the shoulder straps makes it much more comfortable than other similar products.  We opted for basic black but there are a lot of fun patterns available.  When we first tried out the carrier, baby boy HATED it.  I think that had something to do with our own anxiety about placing our 1-week-old in a strange contraption.  As soon as we were comfortable, he was too and we began our daily ritual of an evening walk which always guarantees some snooze time for our little guy.  He is now old enough to face out which is a fun change.  This carrier is so comfortable that I have successfully used it in the Baby Define barre class.  Working out with an extra 18 pounds strapped to your chest is no joke.  Making faces at your baby in the mirror while suffering through "chair" is an excellent distraction.

What are some of your most-loved items for this age?